Picture Books


by Beth Navarro

Illustrated by Betsy Hamilton

Ryan finds out his grandma is not your average grandma. She’s a secret agent!

Published by Be There Bedtime Stories

32 pages

ISBN 9781493571383

“Grambo rocks! I always knew Grandmas had the best secrets and this book proves it. Can’t wait for my mother in law to get her hands on this book and read it to my kids. She’ll have a new nickname by the end I’m sure. Great gift for kids, GG’s, Grandmas, Nanas, and Grambos!”
~ Angel Parker, TV mom to Disney XD’s LAB RATS and Real mom to James and Naomi

“The illustrations are really funny, and the premise is even funnier.”
~ Laurisa White Reyes, author of The Rock of Ivanore and Editor of Middle Shelf Magazine

“The book can also lead to discussions about grandmas and grandpas in our lives. Grandmas can be such a huge part of children’s lives—whether they are superheroes in the CIA or in the important business of caregiving. Navarro’s book, Grambo, is a sweet, action-packed story of the some kind of wonderful that is grandmas and their grandchildren.”
~ Mamalode Magazine, review by Angela Youngblood

“The book is adorable, my son loves it, and it would make an excellent gift for any grandparents to read to their grandkids. We had a great conversation about the role of grandparents in children’s lives and how grandparents can make all the difference.”
~ Chrissy Vakaros-Howe, author of the blog Full Metal Mommy

“Author Beth Navarro has a theory that the sweet, little, old woman that you know and love could possibly be living a secret life. In her first printed children’s book, Grambo, Navarro takes the reader on a fun adventure with a boy named Ryan as he sets out to learn where his grandma really goes when she takes her quick and mysterious trips to “Texas,” always returning home with a souvenir.”
~ Mari Parham, author of Marti Ink

Kiko the Hawaiian Wave

by Beth Navarro

Illustrated by: Cameron Abel

Published by Be There Bedtime Stories

Release date September 7, 2016!

 Kiko the ocean wave desperately wants to find his surfer, but he is afraid to venture beyond the safety of the shore. The annual surf contest is his chance to prove himself. Will Kiko be brave enough to form the perfect tube and find a surfer of his own?

“What a beautiful picture book…. All kids will identify with Kiko. We all have times in our lives when we have to search for that part of us that we need to be brave. Beth has touched my heart and made my heart smile. Her writing is gorgeous. And Kiko is a kid-friendly character full of heart. And the art is full of life. Cami Abel is a fabulous artist.”

-Robyn Campbell, Book blogger www.robyncampbell.com

“Charming story about a small wave afraid to be big….The illustrations by Cami Abel make it possible to believe waves have feelings.”

The Pen and Ink blog

“Kiko the Hawaiian Wave is a great story in the collection and a great story itself!… I loved this book and I think all the little princesses and princes out there will too!”
~ Princess Reviews